WRO India or World Robot Olympiad India

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We’re making World Robot Olympiad much more accessible with the launch of an inter-school STEM and Robotics Competition – WRO India City Championship.

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WRO India City Championship is a School only Competition. Only STEM and robotics teams representing a particular school can participate.

Schools can now showcase their student’s Hands-On STEM skills and help them become a part of the global fraternity of young innovators with ease.

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Theme & Competition Categories for Ages 8-19 at WRO India City Championship

WRO India City Championship follows the same theme and competition categories as the World Robot Olympiad (International).

Theme for WRO India City Championship 2022-23

The Theme for WRO India City Championship is the same as the WRO International (2022)

Age Categories

Challenge Categories

Each Team Needs the Following to Participate

For RoboMission Category

For Future Innovators

(Future Innovators Category) has NO Restriction on the Use of Technology.

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Participate in either of the category if all is clear. If not, feel free to resolve your queries over a phone call.

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Become your cities best Robotics/entrepreneurial team by winning at the WRO City championship – An Interschool Robotics Competition in your city.

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We’re currently looking for partner host schools/ venue partners in Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and in your city. So if you want to showcase your school as the city leader, become the partner host School to host WRO India in your City.

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Apart from Our School/Venue Partners, we’re also looking forward to onboard Food & Beverage partners, logistics partners, media and PR partners, Radio Partners and many more. Let’s talk synergies.