WRO India is the largest robotics competition in India, organized by the India STEM Foundation and backed by the National Council of Science Museums. Our aim is to create a platform for young minds to showcase their innovation, creativity, and problem-solving skills through robotics. By partnering with us, you can join hands in this mission and support the growth of STEM education in India.

Attendee personas

20,00,000 students
The primary target audience of WRO India are students in the age group of 9 to 19 who have a  keen interest in science, technology, engineering and  mathematics (STEM) and robotics

Age Range
8 – 19

Tier 1, Tier 2, & All Metro  Cities

Higher Education, Bachelors  Degree, B.Tech, STEM and  Robotics

40,00,000 Parents
Parents who are interested in providing their  children with a strong foundation in STEM and want to encourage them to pursue careersin these fields.

Age Range

Tier 1, Tier 2, & All Metro  Cities

Business, Higher Education  for kids, and Skill  Development

Attendee personas

25,000 Coaches
WRO India also attracts teachers and educators who  are looking to implement hands-on STEM learning in  their classrooms and want to gain knowledge about the  latest trends and best practices in STEM education.

Age Range

Tier 1, Tier 2, & All Metro  Cities

STEM, Robotics, and  Skill Development

10,000 Schools
All the students, principals, teachers,  trustees/board members, and education  policymakers come from A+ and B+ schools.

A+ and B+


Tier 1, Tier 2, & All Metro  Cities

Marketing Plan

Brand Visibility

Get year-long branding as our Partner on the World Robot Olympiad India Season 2023 competition website and all Social Media Handles, the brand’s print collateral during all our virtual and in-person WRO India levels:- National entrance test, virtual regional, our 10-15 Regional competitions and our 1 Mega National championship.

Brand Visibility 

Access to Talent

Meet and connect with talented and motivated students ready to study and pursue a career in technology. Competition categories like RoboMission, Future Innovators, and Future Engineers attract top talent from the country. As a sponsor, you’ll have the chance to network and engage with new talent to encourage them to join your organization by getting a speaker slot at the event and interacting with them about their innovative projects and ideas.

Community Engagement

Sponsoring WRO India Season 2023 showcases your organization’s dedication to promoting STEM education and inspiring the next generation of STEM professionals. Showcase where your brand stands and show the STEM Community in India that your organization is as committed to the STEM movement in India as they are

Networing Opportunity

Numerous networking opportunities are witnessed during the WRO India events. It’s a perfect
platform to find students, coaches and educators, education leaders, and industry leaders.
The event provides a platform to build relationships, expand networks, generate new
business opportunities and interact with young minds who will be the future leaders
of tomorrow


Poisitive Publicity

By Associating with World Robot Olympiad and India STEM Foundation, sponsors can expect positive publicity through media coverage through PR articles, digital media and event brand Collateral. Brands can showcase where they stand insupporting and growing technologyin the country. This can increase brand awareness and position the company as a leader in the STEM field

Suggest A Synergy

We seek partnerships and collaborations with companies and organizations that share our
vision of promoting STEM education and fostering hands-on learning among students.
A synergy between WRO India and your Company can bring
new opportunities and value to both organizations.
We would be honoured to discuss the potential for a partnership and explore
opportunities for collaboration. Please let us know if you are interested
in learning more about WRO India and the
opportunities for synergy.

#Note:  All CSR project payments/donations to India STEM Foundation are eligible for tax
exemption under 80G of the Income Tax Act. This project/program falls directly under Schedule VII, Rule (ii), Section 135 of Company Law 2013 that covers Promoting education, including special education and employment
enhancing vocation skills especially among children.