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This year’s theme is Connecting the World.

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WRO India Season 2023 Levels

Enter at WRO India Season 2023 Level 1: National Entrance Test if you represent a school or directly enroll in the Level 4: National championship if yours is a private team.

#NOTE: In-person regional competitions (Level 3) shall be held only for school teams participating in future innovators category. Private teams in all challenge categories shall directly participate at the national championship. Refer to announcement here.

Participate in the WRO India Season 2023

Which out of the two ways will you choose to register your team this WRO India season.

Competition Categories for Ages 8-19 at WRO India Season 2023

WRO India Season 2023 follows the same age and competition categories as the World Robot Olympiad Association.

Age Categories

WRO is the biggest School level robotics competition and follows these age categories.

Challenge Categories

We organize Future Innovators and RoboMission challenge categories in India as these are the most popular amongst the school students.
We are also hosting Future Engineers this season but directly in the national championship.

Each Team Needs the Following to Participate

For Future Innovators Category

There’s NO Restriction on the Use of Technology in the Future Innovators Category to create innovative projects.

For RoboMission Category

RoboMission Category requires teams to compete with LEGO Robotics kits on a given field. Here’s what your team will need.

India Specific – Rules & Building instructions 

Building Instructions
Building Instructions
Building Instructions

Still Not Clear?

Feel free to resolve your queries over a quick call by calling the WRO India Help Desk. You can also scroll through our FAQs to clarify any of your doubts.


FAQs About WRO India and Season 2023

Here’s the mostly asked questions by students, parents, coaches, mentors, schools, and our official institute partners.

School Teams are the teams of students, mentors, coaches, team managers and sponsors represent a particular school, whereas a private team is a team comprising of students, mentors, coaches, team managers and sponsors who might or might not represent a school, these can be standalone teams of friends and family, teams representing a robotics training institute and so on.

Level1. National Entrance Test
Level2. Virtual Regional Round
Level3. In-person Regional
Level4. National Championship

There are two ways through which you can participate in WRO India Season 2023
A. Participate through WRO India NET if you represent a school
B. Participate through Regional Round if you are a private team.

Level1. Of WRO India Season 2023 consists of NET(National Entrance Test) a grade appropriate objective test based on STEM subjects.
Cut off: 60%

Level2. Of WRO India Season 2023 consists of Virtual Regional Round for Future Innovator category, where they present validate their idea.

Level3. Of WRO India Season 2023 consists of In-Person Regional Round where private teams can enter to compete with school and other private teams to get to Nationals.

 Level4. Of WRO India Season 2023 consists of National Championship, a tough competition between all the teams in each category to represent India globally for WRO 2023 in Panama.

WRO India 2022 is different from WRO India 2023 in two aspects:
A. Launch of WRO India NET
B. Theme of this year is “Connecting the World”

No, National Entrance Test not mandatory to participate in WRO India 2023, students can participate privately through In-Person Regional.

WRO India NET, is a grade appropriate objective test, based on STEM subjects – science, math, and aptitude. This test is only for school teams that want to enroll in the future innovator category and those who clear the NET with the cut off score of 60% will progress to Level2.

No, only students from registered schools can participate in NET.

WRO India  Season 2023 Partners

We're supported and sponsored by various ventures and organizations involved with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and promoting STEM education, robotics, and automation amongst students and the world.

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