World Robot Olympiad(WRO) India Season 2024 is Here!

The excitement is palpable as the World Robot Olympiad (WRO) India Season 2024 unfolds, beckoning young minds into the riveting world of robotics. An annual extravaganza, the WRO is not merely a competition; it’s a stage for students aged 8-19 to showcase their ingenuity in an international arena.

Unveiling the Numbers

With over 20,000 teams and representation from 90+ countries, WRO has etched itself into the global educational landscape since its inception in 2006. Notably, even Google, with its Noto Color Emoji – Unicode 15.0, has been an enthusiastic participant, adding a tech giant’s flair to this celebration of innovation.

FREE Participation for Schools

This year, WRO India opens its doors wider by offering free participation to school teams. The waiver covers the registration fees for one team, specifically in the Future Innovators category. The criteria for a team being considered a school team are simple yet impactful—all students and their mentor must hail from the same school.

Diverse Arenas of Competition

WRO India doesn’t just provide a platform; it tailors the experience based on interests, knowledge, skills, and strengths. The four distinct competition categories are RoboMission, Future Innovators, RoboSports, and Future Engineers.

Future Innovators

This category, spanning Elementary (8-12), Junior (11-15), and Senior (14-19) age groups, is a project-based competition. Teams, consisting of 2-3 students led by an adult coach, embark on a journey to develop a robotic solution addressing real-world problems. The innovation knows no bounds as students are free to choose their hardware and software, fostering creativity and uniqueness.


In this challenge-based competition, students using LEGO Robotics kits delve into the realm of problem-solving on a dynamic playfield. The LEGO® based hardware comes with the flexibility of free-choice software. The robot’s task is to solve specific challenges on a field with each round introducing random setups, demanding real-time decision-making.

Future Engineers

Designed for students aged 14-19, Future Engineers is a platform to tackle real-world problems using advanced robotics. The game changes every 3-4 years, and the current challenge is all about autonomous driving. Teams can use any robot, controller, and materials within regulations, injecting a sense of real-world problem-solving into the competition.


This category, open to those aged 11-19, introduces a sporting dimension to robotics. Teams design two autonomous robots playing a sports game, building them from LEGO® materials. The current game, Double Tennis, adds an extra layer of excitement, changing every few years to keep the competition dynamic.

Annual Themes: Tackling Real-World Issues

WRO injects relevance into the competition by announcing a new theme annually, aligning with the general thematic area of People, Robots, and Environment. The theme for 2024, “People, Robots, and Nature,” challenges teams to identify problems, conduct research, and build prototypes to address the complexities of the natural world.

Why a New Theme Every Year?

The annual theme change serves a crucial purpose—to expose students to current, emerging, and future problems humanity faces. Beyond the thrill of competition, WRO aims to broaden horizons and inspire participants to craft sustainable solutions.

Progression and Qualification

WRO ensures a fair and engaging progression for participants through Virtual, Regional, and National Championships. The evaluation rubrics and qualifying criteria vary for each competition category.

Virtual Championship (Level 1)

The Future Innovators category kicks off with an online project report and team video submission. Two Virtual Championship events are scheduled in February and May 2024, with the top 400 teams progressing to the Regional Championship.

Regional Championship (Level 2)

RoboMission and qualified Future Innovators teams engage in an in-person regional-level round. Twelve regional events across different cities in India provide a stage for teams to physically showcase their working prototypes. The top 100 teams from both categories move on to the National Championship.

National Championship (Level 3)

This grand event brings together RoboSports and Future Engineers category teams, along with qualified Future Innovators and RoboMission teams, for the ultimate showdown. National Championship winners secure their spot in the International Championship.

Global Stage: International Championship

Representing India on the international stage is the pinnacle of achievement. The International Championship, to be held in Izmir, Türkiye, in November 2024, awaits the winners. It’s a testament to the global nature of WRO, where countries bid to host this prestigious event.


Interactive webinars by STEM trainers offer insights and clarifications for students and coaches. These sessions provide a comprehensive understanding of each level and category, ensuring teams are well-prepared for the challenges ahead.

Support and Growth

WRO’s growth in India, from 13 teams in 2006 to over 1000+ teams in 2023, reflects its significance in STEM education. The India STEM Foundation, backed by the National Council of Science Museums, has been instrumental in orchestrating this growth.


As the theme for WRO India Season 2024, “People, Robots, and Nature,” sets the stage, students and mentors alike gear up for a journey of innovation, collaboration, and problem-solving. Beyond the thrill of competition, WRO becomes a conduit for nurturing the next generation of robotics enthusiasts, laying the foundation for a future where technology meets creativity.