India Wins 2 Gold Medals at the World Robot Olympiad 2022

Recently the final round of the World Robot Olympiad(WRO) 2022 was organized in Dortmund, Germany. India bagged 2 Golds – 1 in RoboMission Junior Category and the other in Future Innovators Senior Category. India made a mark in robotics dominance globally! WRO is one of the world’s largest STEM and Robotics competitions for ages 8 to 19 in which more than 80 countries participate. The theme for this year was ‘My Robot, My Friend.’

WRO RoboMission Junior Category Winners 2022 – Greenbots

RoboMission is a challenge-based competition. Students must design, construct and program an autonomous robot that can solve specific challenges on a field. Greenbots gave a splendid performance in WRO International Final 2022, by being the fastest team in completing the task through their robot.

About Greenbots

Greenbots – A national-level robotics team comprising Ishaan Mehra and Keshav Mohta of grade 10B from Dhirubhai Ambani International School and Kritharth Modi.

Winning the International Championship

They were in a cut-throat competition with 80 other teams from 70 countries spread across the world and won the international round and that too for the 2nd consecutive Time. We did an interview with them the last year after they won in 2021 to feature them in our STEM Talks with Leaders Series. Here’s the Video: –

Winning the National Championship

India STEM Foundation Organised the national round of WRO where team Greenbots from JNS came first in the RoboMission Junior Category and progressed to the International.

WRO Future Innovators Senior Category Winners 2022 – RoboLectro Kinesist

The future Innovator Category is a project-based competition. Students create their own innovative intelligent robotics solutions relating to the current theme of the season. Team RoboLectro Kinesist from RoboLectro STEAM Studio not only won GOLD but also won hearts in helping PARKINSON’S patients. Let’s know How.

About RoboLectro Kinesist

Team RoboLectro Kinesist is a team of young, enthusiastic students aged (14 – 16 years)- Aarrav Anil from Presidency School Bangalore South, Aryan Patwari from Clarence Public School, and Nishyanth Kumar from DPS South.


Winning the International Championship

Team RoboLectro Kinesist from Bangalore won the Gold in WRO (World Robot Olympiad) International level competition – Future Innovators Senior category held in Dortmund, Germany. They competed against teams from 73 countries.

The theme for this year was Robotics in Healthcare. Team RoboLectro Kinesist designed and developed a Smart Spoon for Parkinson’s patients to help the aged community.

SMART SPOON – An Innovative Project by RoboLectro Kinesist

They presented a business model of a “SMART SPOON” which will help Parkinson’s patients around the world to have a meal without worrying to drop it. This use of robotics will help a mere act of chewing be easy!
They had several outreach sessions with experts, finalized the solution, designed the smart spoon using CAD, 3D printed parts, connected Electronics, and developed the software. (A prototype built from scratch).
The prototype is undergoing a validation process in association with RV College of Physiotherapy.

national council of science museums

NCSM Supports WRO in India

WRO India is supported by the National Council of Science Museums, Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India and is also listed in the must-go competitions list of Atal Innovation Mission, Niti Aayog, Govt. of India. With their constant support and backing India is representing itself with 2 consecutive golds in the global platform.