WRO India Nationals 2023 Highlights

The much-anticipated World Robot Olympiad (WRO) India Season 2023 National Championship, masterfully hosted by the India STEM Foundation, was nothing short of awe-inspiring. Bringing together a kaleidoscope of students, educators, parents, judges, volunteers, and industry leaders, this year’s event was made possible through strategic partnerships with NCSM, Ministry of Culture, Sensia Global, CrowdStrike, LEGO Education, Crimson Education, RoboGenius, and Gugglu.com.

Day 1: A Prelude to Excellence

The event’s first day was a flurry of activities. Over 200 participating teams registered, and coaches met with judges and organizers to clarify rules and participate in Q&A sessions. The grand inauguration ceremony featured esteemed guests, including Rajiv Naithani, Chief People Officer and CVP Head at Infogain, who shared innovative HR strategies and emphasized employee well-being. Honors were also bestowed upon Mr. Takeshi Ogura, General Manager of KTC Holding, and Upasana Raina, HR Director at Sensia Global. A symbolic lamp-lighting ceremony, led by Sudhanshu Sharma, Dr. Sarvjeet Herald, Rajiv Naithani, and Takeshi Ogura, set a tone of divine grace and the triumph over darkness. Inspirational speeches by Rajiv Naithani and Rajesh Ranjan, CSR Head of Wabtec, spurred the competitive spirit, with Ms. Upasana Raina providing words of motivation.

The first day also saw the Robo Games Practice Day kick off with Future Innovators setting up their booths for the judging round. In parallel, Future Engineers initiated their setup, commenced intense practice, and began document inspection. A surprise rule added to the challenge, ensuring only teams with deep game understanding could excel. The day concluded with Robot Inspection, Quarantine, Interviews, and Robot Run – Round 1.

Day 2: The Day of Champions

The second day was all about showcasing skills and declaring the champions. Robo Games and Future Innovator’s Final judging Rounds commenced early. All teams engaged in the final rounds after breakfast. It was a day for the final showcase and the announcement of winners. A surprise visit by Ajay Parimal, Chairman of Parimal Group of Companies, and Kunal Sharma, Regional Director for CrowdStrike India, added to the excitement. Aditi Rangray and Ashwin Malik from Crimson Education, a sponsor of WRO India, distributed Crimson Awards.

Celebrating Excellence: The Champions

In the Future Innovators category, outstanding teams in Elementary, Junior, and Senior levels received accolades and Crimson Awards. RiverSail Robotics was recognized with the special Crimson Innovative Idea Award.

In the Future Engineers category, students displayed their prowess in building autonomous robots with steering drives. The winners were:

  1. Team 1076 “404”
  2. Team 1042 “Elite Engineers”
  3. Team 1140 “G-Force”

In the RoboMission challenge, students designed, constructed, and programmed autonomous robots to tackle specific field challenges. The winners were:

Elementary Category:

  1. Team 1167 “RFL MarineBot”
  2. Team 1159 “TECHTORY”
  3. Team 1148 “AIMERES”

Junior Category:

  1. Team 1035 “Livewires”
  2. Team 1037 “Robo Kings”
  3. Team 1033 “Sleeping Beauties”

Senior Category:

  1. Team 1039 “2EZ”
  2. Team 1174 “RFL Terra Trident”
  3. Team 1052 “Spero Hertz”

In the Future Innovators category, school students who progressed through National Entrance Test, Virtual Regionals, and in-person Regional Rounds to the National Championship 2023 showcased their working models. The winners were:

Elementary Category:

  1. Team 1013 “PORTKEY”
  2. Team 1172 “ADIS AQUA AGENTS”
  3. Team 1046 “AQUA WARRIORS”

Junior Category:

  1. Team 1206 “GALEFORCE”
  2. Team 1215 “OCEANNET”
  3. Team 1331 “ROBOCHAMP”

Senior Category:

  1. Team 1217 “TEAM NO: 1”
  2. Team 1051 “CABLE CREW”

Quotes from the Champions

  1. “WRO provided us with a chance to boost our technical abilities while tingling our critical and creative thinking. It made us feel like wizards of technology.”
  2. “Participating in WRO infused discipline in us, improved our problem-solving abilities, and strengthened our bond within the team.”

A Journey to Panama

This year’s theme, “Connecting the World,” was set against the backdrop of Panama, the host country for the international round. The theme focused on enhancing global connections through waterways and digital logistics. India’s performance at the international level remains highly anticipated following its two gold medals at WRO 2022. This year witnessed a remarkable growth in participation, with 202 teams for the Nationals and over 4,000 student registrations for WRO India Season 2023.

Dr. Sarvjeet Herald, Director of India STEM Foundation, noted, “In a world where technology advances at an unprecedented pace, the India STEM Foundation, through events like the WRO India 2023 National Championship, is leading a transformative educational movement. With over 4,000 students and 202 teams participating, this year’s event showcases the growing enthusiasm for STEM in India. We are proud of the success of innovations like the National Entrance Test (NET) and Virtual Regional Rounds, making WRO more accessible for school students. As we look forward to the 2024 season, we anticipate even greater participation and success.”

An Inclusive Approach to Growth

Innovations introduced this year, including the National Entrance Test (NET) and Virtual Regional Rounds, were aimed at making WRO more accessible to school students. Regional rounds were conducted in Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Delhi NCR, and Bhopal for teams that qualified through NET and Virtual Regionals. A total of 42 teams progressed to the National Championship, competing alongside 160 private teams.

The success of the National Entrance Test was evident, with two teams, Team NO.1 from Chirec International School, Hyderabad, and Galeforce from SRM School, Chennai, qualifying for the WRO International round in Panama. The India STEM Foundation looks forward to continued growth in participation in the upcoming 2024 season.

About India STEM Foundation

Founded by Mr. Sudhanshu Sharma, India STEM Foundation is leading a transformative educational movement in India. Beyond promoting science and hands-on learning, the foundation’s mission is to empower youth, drive innovation, and foster critical thinking. In a world where technology advances at an unprecedented pace, traditional education is no longer sufficient to prepare students for the future.

About WRO

The World Robot Olympiad Association (WRO) is a Singapore-based non-profit organization that serves a global community of over 22,000 teams across 90+ countries. With 19 years of experience, WRO provides engaging robotics and STEM activities, building a strong learning platform. Since its first international competition in 2004, WRO has grown exponentially, driving interest in robotics and STEM worldwide.